About Us

About Us

Equiliant Capital focuses on investments in Romanian entrepreneurial companies. The investment fund was established in 2019 by the Pavăl family, the owners of Dedeman, the largest Romanian DIY chain and the most valuable Romanian entrepreneurial business. Equiliant invests in Romanian entrepreneurial SMEs that have high growth potential in Romania and/or foreign markets. Our objective is to accelerate the growth of the companies we invest in. We look for companies that have the potential to challenge the status quo and become tomorrow’s champions in their industry. First and foremost, we invest in entrepreneurs and their dreams, so that they can fulfil those dreams faster than they otherwise could have, before the market matures and the accelerated growth opportunity disappears. We aim to be the catalyst of a company’s growth strategy, but the entrepreneur remains the one who develops and executes that strategy. We therefore prefer to hold minority positions, so that the entrepreneur can remain the main beneficiary of the investee company’s success.


We trust the decisions of the founding entrepreneur. At the same time, we know when to lend a hand and when to ask experts for help.


We value the experience and instinct of the entrepreneurs we aim to partner with. We acknowledge that they know the nuts and bolts of their company and industry better than we can.


We only make promises that we are convinced we can keep, and we expect the same from our partners.


We are partners and we put our resources and experience in the service of the common project. We support the firm to develop its internal skills and we are a reliable partner for discussing new ideas or adapting the strategy.


We understand the value of time and are always no more than one phone call away. We do not have cumbersome procedures and we make it a point to quickly analyse any opportunity we are presented with and to respond promptly to the entrepreneurs proposing it. At the same time, we are rigorous and thorough, because “haste makes waste”.