Modalități prin care contribuim la dezvoltarea afacerilor în care investim includ:

Accelerating growth

Our investment’s main purpose is to support the company’s accelerated growth. In addition to that, our team has ample M&A experience, which allows us to further accelerate a portfolio company’s growth through bolt-on acquisitions.

Understanding and monitoring performance

We believe a business can grow sustainably only if it understands and leverages its main strengths and value drivers. Our team’s experience and the detailed analyses we do during the investment process allow us to identify these strengths and value drivers, and to help the company build specific performance monitoring systems that drive increased management team efficiency.

Strengthening management teams

Big development leaps for small companies generally require management teams to be enhanced by including people who complement the founder’s expertise. We help the founder shape the enhanced management team by identifying areas of expertise that need strengthening, defining roles to be filled, and identifying and assessing suitable candidates.

Creating suitable corporate governance structures

We favour clear and transparent corporate governance structures for our portfolio companies. At the same time, we acknowledge that lean decision-making structures are a hallmark of successful entrepreneurial companies. We generally take a seat on each investee company’s Board of Directors and support other organisational structures that drive accelerated growth and sound decision making.

Accessing a broad knowledge base

We are part of a successful Romanian entrepreneurial group and our team members have broad experience in Romania and in some of the world’s major financial capitals. We can leverage, for the benefit and inspiration of the companies we invest in, ample resources, experience and skills, either from within the group or from our extended network of experts.

Optimising financing structures

Our team’s finance and banking experience allows us to help our portfolio companies optimise their financing structures. We can also open doors to various financial institutions and support management teams during the negotiation of financing terms.